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Covid19 Coronavirus| Mechanical Ventilation during emergency situations -

Mechanical Ventilation and Covid19 Coronavirus Pinterest| Ventilator and Coronavirus Google analytics setup| Media Gate Wizard Copyrighted material All what you want to know about Ventilation process, during emergency situations is available  in the following attached video. but before watching please read the entire informations related to Covid19 Coronavirus novel. Covid19 Coronavirus and the importance of wearing Masks First of all, It's well known that protection is better than relief. When World health organisation acknowledged the procedure of protection regarding Covid19 Coronavirus, it wasn't a propaganda of masks and sensitisers campaign, it was an important reminder to keep us safe and secure.  Weather Covid19 Coronavirus is related to CO2 emitting process or related to air pollution disorders. Whatever the reasons behind this virus, No one can hesitate the presence of Covid19 Coronavirus and it's dangerous effect on our respiratory system, especially for those wh

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